Each of our Treks is a regional, 4 month long international living experience. 

You'll live in 4 countries, spending one month in each.


In 2020, we are headed to:

January - April 2020

May - August 2020

September - December 2020

Treks run all year, back to back.

So if you desire to become a true nomad, you can easily keep trekking with us for 8 months, a year, or longer. We transition you smoothly from one Trek to the next.


During each 4 month trek, you will be with the same group of 50 (+/-) like-minded humans. This gives you time to develop friendships, network, and plan adventures together for the next location. Adventure every weekend or stay local, join up with other members of your Trek or wander solo.

You'll have membership to 24/7 co-working spaces in each city, so maintaining professional connections to clients or colleagues back home is easy.

We use our many years of experience to find cozy and comfortable international living accommodations. Settle right in with our orientation dinner, weekly happy hours, deals at local gyms, yoga studios, and restaurants. Plan to explore the region with your cohort or simply enjoy your new city.

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