Each of our Treks is a 4 month long international living experience.  

You'll live in 4 countries, spending one month in each. 

Choosing a Trek

Each Trek takes you to four countries within one geographic region.
Like the Mediterranean, South America, East Asia or Oceania.

To gain cultural fluency and familiarity in a specific part of the world... 
Pick one Trek in the region that fits with your interests, networking and adventuring goals.

Not sure how long you want to trek? 
That's OK! We let you enroll in upcoming Treks while travelling. Acceptance into your first Trek guarantees access for future Treks, so you can plan your trip as you go.

To live abroad for 8 months, a year, or longer, simply choose back-to-back Treks.
Treks run continuously throughout the year, so you can seamlessly move from one to the next, and we add enough new Treks that you dont ever have to repeat regions (unless you want to).

Only have time to travel abroad for the summer or want to escape winter? 
Pick our May-August or January-April Treks.

Want to become a true nomad and live abroad for a year or more? 
Pick 3 to 6 back-to-back Treks and live in 12 to 24 different countries- we will keep hosting you for as long as you want to live abroad.


For every new location, we provide you with a cozy, conveniently located place to live.

Living & Working

Co-working spaces
You'll have membership to work-spaces in each city, making professional connections to clients or colleagues back home easy.

During each 4 month trek, you will be with the same group of 50 (+/-) cool humans. This gives you time to develop friendships, network, and plan adventures together for the next location.

We use our many years of experience in finding ideal international living accommodations to make sure you are perfectly set up in each city.

You always have your own bedroom to sleep, work, and enjoy quiet space. We personally check out each living situation before we add it to our housing lists.

Shared space 
Your living space will change with each month, and will often reflect the local culture with housing. In some countries you may be in a setup similar to a hotel, and in others you will be sharing a kitchen and communal living area with 1-3 other members of your cohort (and of course we make sure couples are housed together).

NomadPro perks 
We adore and appreciate our long-term trekkers. If you trek with us for 8 months or more, you get priority choice in each month's housing.

Local Team 
We have amazing local staff in each country. From where to find a pharmacy to what the best restaurants are for a Friday night out, they have the answers. You can even contact them before your trip with questions about what to pack.


Adventure every weekend or stay local, join up with other members of your Trek or wander solo.


Start life in each new city with our orientation dinner. We host a local speaker to share stories and history of the place over food and drinks. Its a great way to ground yourself at the start of each month.

Weekly happy hours
This is a great time to swap stories on what you've checked out so far in each country, and find others to plan your next weekend with.

Cohort hiking, biking, and activity teams. 
Bond with your group and always have friends who share your passions.

Deals on the best adventures 
We have some favorites out there in the world, and we love sharing our experience with you. When we find a guide, activity or adventure we think is great, we partner with them to provide our trekkers exclusive access to deals.

Stay active and keep up with your fitness routine with our yoga and gym membership deals 
We provide a complimentary yoga class and guest pass to a favorite gym in each city, so you can try it out for free.

....And endless other events 
From ancient festivals to music concerts, sporting events, seasonal harvest activities, beer and wine festivals, technology expos, the list goes on and on. We promise you'll never run out of new experiences.

Every month brings new foods, languages, mountains, and friends.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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