What's in every Basecamp Trek:

An Adventure Crew

This is our favorite part of a Trek: folks with similar interests to adventure with! Make amazing friends while out hiking the wild, diving remote coral reefs or exploring a new (to you) city.

Local Resources

Exclusive deals with Hiking Guides, Spas, Scuba Diving Operators, Museums, Vineyards, Motorcycle Trips, Yoga Studios, City adventures, and endless other activities.


Basecamp trek housing varies on the location, from a city apartment to a tropical beach hotel or a lodge in the wilderness, but our rule is we only put you in places we would want to stay in ourselves.

Wifi & Workspaces

In our opinion, a good basecamp location means somewhere that you can rely on a professional work setup and stay connected to home, regardless of where you are in the world.

Trek Locations Open Now

We currently have Treks open to pre-apply heading to Belize, Croatia and Ghana in 2021.

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In the mood to live in a glamorous Mediterranean city?

The walled city of Dubrovnik dates back to the middle ages, and when walking its ancient stone streets it's easy to see why this is a UNESCO world heritage site. And then there's the water: so clean it's a crystal clear shade of aquamarine. With fabulous restaurants, nightlife, and a Mediterranean ocean shoreline that stretches the length of the country, there's a reason Croatia is consistently listed as a top travel destination.


Tropical beach vibes for the soul.

There's lots of great diving locations in the world, and we would know because we chase them down. Belize is in our top favorites for its huge barrier reef and 400 islands, so we made it a basecamp trek. Not a diver? How about glistening white sand beaches, snorkeling, rainforest hikes, sipping fruity drinks under a palm tree, and chill tropical vibes all around.


Head back to the continent where it all began.

Ghana is well-known as one of the most tourist-friendly and laid-back locations in Africa, making it a wonderful place to visit. Miles of white sand beaches and a vibrant, artistic capital city that is emerging into modernity provide plenty to explore both in terms of nature and culture. Ghana's colonial coastal forts were the last African soil seen by many slaves bound for the Americas, making it a moving and historically significant place to visit. On a long weekend, be sure to head north to Mole National Park to see elephants, and the small villages outside of Ghana's cities still living a traditional west-african lifestyle.

Future Locations

These Treks are not yet open to pre-apply, but we can't resist giving you a peek at a few we have in mind for later in 2021. 

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(Argentina & Chile)


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