Why Trek?

A few of our favorite reasons

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If you're anything like us, a big part of the allure of travel is the chance to eat your way across a new country. Our East Asia Trek lets you discover endless savory flavors of curries and dumplings, legit sushi, and the street food dreams are made of. Get lost in rainbow colored kawaii candy shops.  On our South America Trek, wander through amazonian fruit markets, visit the famous wineries of Mendoza tucked into the arid foothills of the Andes, and savor a classic outdoor Asado. Our mediterranean trek brings you to classic Greek, Spanish and Moroccan cuisine. We could go on and on... in each location, our NomadPro crew makes it easy for you to explore all the local favorite restaurants, so you never miss the chance to experience the authentic flavors of every region.
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Turquoise Oceans

Live within reach of some of the best scuba diving and surfing spots in the world. Swim with whale sharks in Thailand on our East Asia Trek, and explore the great barrier reef from Australia on our Oceania Trek. Our Mediterranean Trek offers endless opportunities to bask in classic European seaside luxury from Spain to Croatia. Fall back through time in Morocco and ride a camel across the Sahara desert sand dunes to the sea, where the ancient walled port city of Essaouira offers a World Heritage Site Medina and fantastic wind surfing. Surf and sunbathe on Brazil's ever-lively beaches on our South America Trek. You'll always have plenty of friends to plan day, weekend or week long trips with, and our globe-spanning itineraries mean the possibilities are endless. We can even hook you up with deals on lessons and boat packages if diving is on your agenda.



You've heard of Brazil and Colombia's Carnival, but what about the Inca Feista del Inti Reymi (Festival of the Sun) in Peru? Or, maybe you're in the mood to celebrate the winter solstice in June, at a wild rock concert: head to Tasmania in the southern hemisphere on our Oceania Trek. If you're craving some ancient pagan festivals with terrifying costumes, a european Trek has just what you need. Or, if you're looking for for something a little more serene, try the cherry blossom festival in Japan, or the heartwarming sky lantern festival in Taiwan, on our East Asia Trek. While we can't always fit everything in, we make sure your  itinerary gets you to each location at ideal times to visit: when festivals are going on, the weather is pleasant, and it's not too crowded, so you get the most out of each destination.

Taking in the wilderness of Patagonia

Mountains, Rainforests, Deserts

You know those stunning places that are always featured in National Geographic? You can actually GO there.

Explore the wilderness of Argentina's Patagonia: hike or ride horses along crystal clear lake gorges among blazing fall foliage in May. Our South America Trek also makes it easy for you to head into the Amazon rainforest from any of our 3 locations that touch it: Columbia, Brazil or Peru. On our East Asia Trek, climb the Japanese Alps and share a hotpsring sauna with the famous japanese snow monkeys. In the tropical jungles of Thailand, experience an ecosystem still densley populated with wildlife; see wild elephants, bears, gibbons, and of course tigers. If watching the sun set over a vast, glowing orange desert sounds like magic to you, head to the Sahara desert in Morocco on our Mediterranean Trek.

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Live in Ancient Cities, Work in Modern Ways

If wandering down the cobblestone streets of Prague is your idea of a good commute to work everyday, and sitting in a cozy corner of a co-working space sipping a latte is your idea of a good workday, well, we agree. That's why we started this company. We're here to help you get out there, and get your work done while making the most of your free time and having the kind of daily adventures that only happen when you're living abroad with a group of fellow travellers. We help you get the best out of each location with expert advice from our local team and partnerships with experienced guides we love. We make sure you're always based in cities thet are vibrant, fun, and oftentimes full of ancient history and architecture (Prague, Hanoi, Casablanca, Lisbon, Athens, Valencia, Istanbul, Taipei, Kyoto, Yerevan, the list of our current and future destinations goes on...). Meanwhile, we provide plenty of wifi options, sunny workspaces with all the bells and whistles, and project support. You can get your work done, walk the ancient roads of Athens, AND climb Machu Picchu, we promise.

Who's going?

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"I'm happier then ever that I went into illustration. I can work from anywhere, and now I get to really take advantage of that."


"This trek will let me establish business contacts internationally so much faster then I could otherwise. Its critical that I can choose a certain region that fits my business”


"This is so convenient for getting internships in South America as soon as my business degree is finished"


“This is the best setup to get into travel writing that I've ever seen”


"My job is all done from my laptop, so Bye Chicago! I can work from a beach in Thailand"


"I thought my only real option for living abroad right after graduation was teaching English, but with you guys I'll be able to get right into my career in graphic design while travelling all over the world."

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