Do you work remotely? Do you want to travel more?

    As a travel company for location-independent workers, we make it easy and fun for you to live abroad. Our flexible timelines and international locations prioritize remote working. With good wifi and co-working space access, you can finally go off and adventure without waiting for a moment when you don't have anything else going on (which is good because that moment doesn't exist, we checked).

Feel at home, abroad.

Settle right in with our orientation dinner, weekly happy hours, deals at local gyms, yoga studios, and restaurants. Plan to explore the larger region with your cohort or simply enjoy your new city. No more inauthentic, rushed travel experiences. Our locations are offered after a thoughtful and holistic vetting process. For every new location, we provide you with a cozy, conveniently located living space in a major city. Our flexible timelines give you plenty of room to find the best secret restaurants, climb the mountains, dive the coral reefs, and also just relax, living like a local in each city.

Make friends.

Joining a Trek means you always have a crew to explore with! We know how intimidating and lonely living in a foreign country solo can be, which is why we designed our treks to be cohorts of cool humans. We founded NomadPro to help people not only live abroad, but network and develop lasting friendships all over the world, because we believe that that is one of the most useful and important things you can do to improve your life. 

Support for your job...whatever that is.

A NomadPro Trek always includes access to the best nearby co-working spaces if that's your preferred setup, so maintaining professional connections to clients or colleagues back home is easy. Of course you can also work out of your private living space or local cafes, the beach, a hammock in the treetops, a gondola on the side of a mountain, a city park... you get the idea. 

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Whether your interests include diving the tropical waters of Belize, hiking the rugged wilderness of Patagonia, or enjoying European city life on the Mediterranean, our goal is to make it easy and fun for you to live the life you want.

What about COVID19?

Good question. Things are wild right now, and we're all waiting for the moment when we can get back out there. Here are two things you CAN do right now to start planning an overseas escape as soon as possible:

  1. Check out our Basecamps page to see what locations are open to head to currently. Once you've applied, we will help you through our super-simple process to get you booked and reserve your spot on the Trek you've been dreaming about.
  2. Subscribing to our contact list is the best way to get updates as locations open again. As soon as we have a good idea of when we can run a Trek in a given location, we will open up applications to our subscribers first and then to the general public.


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Work out of our amazing international co-working spaces and benefit from creative group energy and global networking.

Remote Workers

Our 24/hr co-working spaces keep you in touch with your home office, while on weekends you explore far-away lands.


Keep your existing business thriving while adding international clients and living in inspiring locations.


Interning, dissertating, or while studying online, international experience will make your portfolio, and confidence, sparkle.


Write, record, paint, or pursue any other passion with the whole earth at your fingertips and a new, inspiring city each month.

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