COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
    Given the travel and entry restrictions currently in place and the unknowns regarding how COVID-19 will affect different countries in the coming months, we have temporarily postponed running Treks. Our application process, however, will remain open on a rolling basis. Once we deem Treks can resume safely, we will formalize locations and departure dates. Please note that as of now, Trek locations and departure dates are TBD.
    Please reach out to us via our contact us form if you have any questions. Your health and safety is our utmost concern and we thank you for being patient as we continue to monitor travel updates with our partners on the ground. Just like you, we are longing to get back out into the world, and we are so excited to take you with us when we get to go back out there.


No Mediterranean Trek would be complete without a month in King's Landing. Er, the location where Game of Thrones filmed scenes in Kings Landing, so... same thing, right? The point is you can take a Game of Thrones Tour and take selfies in all those spots. The walled city of Dubrovnik dates back to the middle ages, and when walking its ancient stone streets it's easy to see why this is a UNESCO world heritage site. And then there's the water: so clean it's a crystal clear shade of aquamarine. There's a reason Croatia is consistently listed as a top travel destination...

With a shoreline that stretches the length of the country, swimming basically anywhere is considered totally acceptable by the locals. You'll often find a ladder stretching down to the water from any spot you feel the desire to go for a swim. Croatia has 1,200 islands, and most locals own boats to get around, so there's plenty of affordable options if you'd like to charter a boat, catamaran, or even a yacht for a day or a weekend. And we'd just like to point out that from Croatia you're well within easy and affordable weekend trips to Rome, Florence, and Venice. One of the benefits of trekking with us is that you'll always be able to find friends to split the costs of a yacht rental or plan a weekend backpacking trip to Italy with.


It goes without saying that Greece has some of the most well preserved history and culture in the world. Living there, you get to join the ranks of humans who have walked the marble steps of Athens for thousands of years. The area of the city that houses the Parthenon, called the Acropolis, has been inhabited since at least 5000 BC. What we love is that these aren't remote, dusty ruins: those same cities are also vibrantly modern.

   Athens, in particular, is known for its nightlife. Greece has a way of blending its history into its daily existence that makes you feel connected to all the humans that have come before you in a way that simply doesn't happen in most cities. For example: the 7000 seat marble Panathenaic Stadium was built in 335 BC, hosted the first modern Olympics in 1896, and is still in use for sporting events today. Many of the historical neighborhoods of Athens are also the best spots for cafes, galleries, bars, and general revelry after dark. It's easy to find classic greek plays, dances and songs from pre-history being performed amidst modern night life and music.  Living in Greece also means your quick weekend getaways out of the city take you to some of the most sought-after travel spots in the world. Spend one weekend in Mykonos, the next in Santorini.


At the corner of north African, European and Mediterranean culture sits one of our favorite destinations: Morocco. For the staff at NomadPro, the way to our hearts is through food, nature, and compelling cities. Morocco delivers on all that in droves, and has an additional bonus of being an easily accessible way to experience many Saharan African cultures that are otherwise remote enough to be heard to reach. The mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African flavors is divine, which is why we strongly encourage you to attend a cooking class while you're here.

 Learn how to make tagine, the traditional North African Berber meat and vegetable stew flavored with liberal quantities of cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and saffron, or try couscous like you've never had it before; turned into a dessert with orange flower essence in milk, cinnamon, sugar and almonds.

Outside the cities the Atlas mountains and miles of surfable coastline all beckon. By November, the blazing sun will have lost enough of its strength to make getting out in the mountains and dunes a pleasant experience. If spending some nights in traditional Bedouin tented camps in the desert sounds like fun, there are options ranging from 4 star luxury tours to Bedouin couchsurfing locals happy to host you in their camp for free (we can personally attest to this second option.)


It is difficult to write a brief description of a country as well known for enchanting its visitors as Spain. With borders touching France and Portugal, coastlines of both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, and the unique position of being the only European country in which you can stand on the shore and see the landmass of Africa just 8 miles away, it is perhaps unsurprising that Spain has become an interesting place.

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