COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
    Given the travel and entry limitations currently in place and the unknowns regarding how COVID-19 will affect different international locations in the coming months, we have temporarily postponed running Treks. Our application process, however, will remain open on a rolling basis. Once we deem Treks can resume safely, we will formalize locations and departure dates. Please note that as of now, Trek locations and departure dates are TBD.
    Please reach out to us via our contact us form if you have any questions. Your health and safety is our utmost concern and we thank you for being patient as we continue to monitor travel updates with our partners on the ground. Just like you, we are longing to get back to exploring the world, and we are so excited to take you with us when we get to go back out there.


Between wine tasting in Mendoza, enjoying the hiking and ski resort towns of the lakes region, and adventuring to the far southern edge of the world in Tierra del Fuego, adventure awaits. Argentina is vast: stretching from the center of the continent down to its wild and windswept mountainous southern tip; the world famous Patagonia region. Your main challenge will be packing a wardrobe to address both the sophisticated lifestyle of Argentina’s uniquely european cities, and the rugged, outdoor extremes of its wilderness.

We send you there in May, which is fall for the southern hemisphere, meaning youll have a chance to catch blazing gold and red fall foliage with a backdrop of snowy mountains in the southern parts of the country. When you're not adventuring, spend your workdays in modern cities filled with culture and art, and dance away your evenings learning the sultry Argentine Tango. If you have a bit too much Argentine Malbec, decadent Dulche de Leche, savory Asado (Argentine barbecue), or delicious empanadas, someone will always offer to share some yerba mate tea to keep you going.


Peru happens to be one of our absolute favorite countries to rent a motorcycle and explore for long weekends. It is most well known for the astonishing Inca ruins of Macchu Picchu, but there is so much more to love then just that. Peru offers a combination of modern and ancient Incan culture, stunning scenery and laid back, backpacker friendly vibes that make it a place you won't want to leave.

Did you know the capital city of Lima is a modern seaside metropolis that happens to be one of the best “foodie” cities in the world? It boasts some world famous five star restaurants as well as endless local favorites to explore. With fresh pacific seafood, fruits from the amazon and traditional Inca mountain recipes, the street food alone makes this country worth a long visit. Outside the major cities you will find endless small towns nestled amidst formidable mountains. One of our favorite activities here is renting motorcycles and exploring Peru by bike, where each destination can deliver the stunning scenery of the Andes, world class hiking, exploring the steep cobblestone streets of beautifully preserved Spanish Colonial towns like Cusco, and beachy surf towns sprinkled along the Pacific.


Statistically the happiest people on earth, Colombians are easy to be around and fantastic fun, especially when they take you out for a night on the town. Bogota and Medellin both have vibrant, rapidly growing economies, and their residents clearly have the work/life balance figured out. Fresh, delicious and healthy food is the standard here. Breakfast smoothies of fresh pressed juices are easy to come by when you live in the edge of a verdant jungle like the Amazon Rainforest.

   If you need to slow down for a weekend, your options are endless- venture to the countryside for beautiful Spanish colonial towns, or head to the beach at Cartagena to dip your toes in the tropical water and enjoy incredible scuba diving. If you're feeling like an Indiana Jones kinda weekend, climb into the mountainous northern amazon rainforest to explore newly re-discovered ancient cities that were long ago reclaimed by the rainforest vines. For some class and culture, Bogota, the capital city, sits against the Andes at a high altitude and boasts excellent arts and museums. Medellin, at a warmer altitude, has a more playful and party-going vibe and is booming with an entrepreneurial business economy. Ride cable cars up and down hills to the metro, spend an afternoon in barefoot park dipping your toes in the water and walking on soft grass, and dance it up at night in endless salsa bars.


A typical “bucket list” country, Brazil hardly needs an introduction. Between carnival and football madness, everyone knows Brazil’s cities pulse with color, music, dancing and tropical heat. But behind the world famous parties is an economic powerhouse that has been driving a shift in the global economy towards South America as a major player. Living there for a month, you’ll feel energized by the movement around you.

  No one complains about Brazilian food: flaky pastries and savory stews with coconut milk and tapioca showing up in all kinds of unexpected ways. If you enjoy classic European pastries swirled with exotic Amazonian fruit flavors, washed down by fresh local coffee, you'll be happy here. You’ll also enjoy the quieter, more natural side of Brazil: the vast amazon rainforest boasting more species of plants and animals then anywhere else in the world, and endless white sand beaches leading to some of the best scuba dive sites in South America.

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