COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
    Given the travel and entry restrictions currently in place and the unknowns regarding how COVID-19 will affect different countries in the coming months, we have temporarily postponed running Treks. Our application process, however, will remain open on a rolling basis. Once we deem Treks can resume safely, we will formalize locations and departure dates. Please note that as of now, Trek locations and departure dates are TBD.
    Please reach out to us via our contact us form if you have any questions. Your health and safety is our utmost concern and we thank you for being patient as we continue to monitor travel updates with our partners on the ground. Just like you, we are longing to get back out into the world, and we are so excited to take you with us when we get to go back out there.


 The first thing you will hear from travelers to Malaysia is how friendly and approachable Malaysians are- and this makes it wonderfully easy to settle into life there for a month. Incredibly diverse, in addition to KL’s Malay population, there are also large Chinese and Indian minorities that have built comfortable, leafy and and laid-back neighborhoods among the capital cities skyscrapers. This ethnic diversity has a delicious side effect of endless great food options wherever you go. Cool off with fruity shaved ice bowls, all the fried rice and curry noodle bowls you've ever dreamed of, and plenty of durian fruit if you're into that.

     Modern and convenient, KL offers all the working and living comforts you can ask for, without throngs of tourists and accompanying pricetags. Additionally, Malaysia has some truly unique destinations: you can escape for a weekend to an island beach paradise at Pulau Tioman island, which Lonely Planet uniquely describes as a “backpacker-friendly enclave equally famous for its curious monitor lizards and thumping late night parties.” Head up the beach for glowing, bioluminescent beaches among tropical palm fronds. Or, drive into the mountains to the cooler, misty tea farming region where legacies of British colonialism have resulted in small towns that would not look at all out of place in rural England. Wherever you go, prepare to be surprised, charmed, and offered lots of wonderful food from diverse places.


From ancient temples to neon-lit nightlife, Thailand is an internationally beloved travel destination that needs almost no introduction. This country is no stranger to foreign travelers, so you'll find working and getting around, exploring and enjoying your time there to be easy and uncomplicated. And of course… Thai food. If you like heat and spice you've come to heaven, and if your palette is more delicate you will still find endless flavors to delight.

     Leaving the city, you’ll be hard pressed to decide where to go. Thailand has rain-forests packed with incredible biodiversity; look for glimpses of tigers, flying foxes and gibbons among the emerald green canopy. Head to the coast to find some of the world's most stunning beaches boasting rock climbing, spectacular scuba diving, and comfortable hammocks from which to sip tropical beverages. One of our favorite things about Thailand is how many well-organized and run options there are for whatever activity you feel like involving yourself in- if you want to spend every weekend living your best gopro commercial, you will never run out of rock climbing and deepwater soloing options. If you want to spend your time underwater, you're surrounded by world renowned diving spots. And if you want to spend all your free time not moving an inch, sipping a beverage beneath palm fronds with your toes in white sand, Thailand's beach tiki bars await.


The Taiwanese greeting translates to “have you eaten?” And here, even if your answer is “yes” you’ll probably keep eating, because nom-nomming your way across this tropical jade-green island will steal your heart and seduce your tastebuds. Savory beef noodle soup, amazing seafood, spicy vinegar stir-fry, dumplings, bubble tea and bao, strange things done with quail eggs, and night markets serving up what might be the best fried chicken you’ve ever tried.

      Taiwanese people don't take things too seriously, and enjoy playing with their food; themed restaurants are plentiful where you can have a unique dining experience, and the street food is so diverse, cheap and tasty that many people never cook at home simply because there's no need to. It’s easy to feel at home here with the laid back, welcoming and confident attitude of Taiwanese people. Known for a booming economy and its complex cultural and historical proximity to China, this island has both the incredible depth an ancient culture and complete modernization. Taipei is incredibly walkable, intentionally designed to be pedestrian friendly. This makes it wonderfully fun to simply wander. There are more then enough museums and cultural events to keep you well occupied: the National Palace Museum holds the largest collection of Chinese art dating back to the neolithic era. For an experience unique to Taiwan, head to a cultural village to learn about the indigenous Taiwanese population that has endured invasions from China and Japan and yet maintained their own culture through today.


Timeless and incredibly well preserved, the city of Kyoto is a combination of ancient Japanese architecture and modern hippy college town that we find addicting and charming. Enjoy walking down streets of classical Japanese buildings to modern co-working spaces. Or, find your own favorite cafe to work out of, Kyoto has many to choose from. Sake, sushi, miles and miles of noodles, and Japan’s current obsession with very cute desserts- need we say more?


     With a public transit system that puts others to shame, the aptly named bullet trains mean you easily get anywhere in the country in no time at all. Enjoy a mountain hot spring with fluffy snow monkeys, become happily lost in the busy chaos of Tokyo, or venture south to a small island populated by thousands of bunnies. If you have a week to spare and want to take advantage of your proximity to see South Korea as well, we suggest you take an overnight ferryboat across the sea of Japan. Just make sure you're home in Kyoto enough to enjoy the cherry blossoms that have been turning the city into a wonderland each spring for hundreds of years.  We bring you to Japan (and Kyoto specifically) in April intentionally, so you get the chance to experience this magical event.

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