1. Fill out our online application

We use the work & interests-related questions on the application to make sure your needs and wants fit with what we offer, and to make sure we combine our groups so that you're guaranteed to have a diverse group of fun, creative humans to travel, live and explore with.


2. Talk to a real live human

After reviewing your application, our team will send you an invitation for a second round interview which is done via video conference. This gives you a chance to ask us questions, and gives us a chance to get to know you better and make sure the trip/s you are applying for are best aligned with your working needs and life goals! You will receive an acceptance invitation to secure your space on our trip within 72 hours of your second round interview.

3. Secure your spot

Your acceptance invitation will include a link to our trekker pages, where you can find region and country-specific tips on preparing for your trip, get to know the local representatives for each country,  access our payment page to put down your deposit and monthly fees, and keep track of all your travel details.

And that's it! We try to make the whole process as easy as possible, so you enjoy the experience and have plenty of time to worry about the fun stuff like what weekend adventures you want to fit into each month.

Ready to start planning your adventure?